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Crime Prevention Programs

Our Crime Prevention Programs
Block Watch
This program builds safer neighborhoods by encouraging residents to take a proactive approach to crime prevention and safety through education, property marking and reporting suspicious activity.
Foot Patrol
This is a trained group of volunteers organized to increase the safety of the neighborhood.  Volunteers walk the neighborhood streets, parks or schools to deter crime and report incidents and problems.  Volunteers do not confront but report suspicious activity to police.
Speed Watch
Volunteers are trained to operate radar equipment and an electronic digital board to show drivers what speed they are going compared to the posted speed limit.  Speed Watch monitors speeding in specific areas around Merritt and assists the RCMP in monitoring specific traffic problems.
Crime Stoppers
A program  that works with the public, media and police to help solve crimes in Merritt and the Nicola Valley.  Callers with tips on crime remain completely anonymous; cash rewards up to $200 are provided to those whose tips lead to an arrest.


Services Provided

Staff at the Community Policing Office can facilitate presentations on any topic related to crime prevention and crime reduction. Presentation topics include: Personal Safety, Stranger Danger, Counterfeiting, and Alcohol & Drugs. If your school, organization, or business is interested in having a presentation by a police officer, please contact our office. The presentation can be tailored to fit your specific need.

Property Identification:
Have you ever wondered what happens to property that is seized or recovered by the police? In many cases it is destroyed or auctioned, simply because it cannot be traced to the proper owners. In cases of property that is seized by police from suspected burglars, criminal charges can not be laid if the property is not positively identified as belonging to someone else. Proper identification makes it easier for the police to return personal property. Engraving with an identifier such as your driver’s license number onto valuables identifies them as uniquely yours. Engraving - provides evidence of guilt and enables police to detain a suspect who is found in possession of property engraved with someone else’s driver’s license number. Even though your insurance might cover it, you would probably rather have the item itself returned to you. Engravers work on plastic, metal and wood. Items worth engraving include bicycles, electronic equipment and tools and they are available at the Community Policing office for loan.

Anti - Graffiti Program
Graffiti takes away from the overall beauty of our city and contributes to an appearance of neglect and decay. The best way to control graffiti is to remove it as soon as it appears. WHY? Because it stops the promotion of additional graffiti by sending the message that we care about our community. Graffiti removal kits are available for loan from the Community Policing Office.

Home Safety and Security Inspection:
Help crime proof your home – take advantage of the Merritt Community Policing Office’s free home safety and security inspection. At your request, representatives from the Merritt CPO will visit your home (house, condo, apartment, etc) to provide a safety audit – assessing ways to make your home safer. Contact the Merritt CPO to schedule your home security inspection.